The Benefits of Solar Pool Heating in Rockingham and Mandurah WA

Posted on 16 June 2012Solar Pool Heating

Solar pool heating is still by far the most economical and environmentally friendly way to heat a pool, especially if you live in Rockingham or Mandurah WA where you have lovely weather for most of the year ( 9 months). It's true that most pools, once the novelty has worn off, are only used for about 3 months of the year....only during the day, in hot weather. This is a waste of one of your major investments. The expense and upkeep of your pool is ongoing throughout the year, not just in summer!

Imagine if you found a way to triple the time you and your family spent in the pool - think of the fun and value you would be getting....and that's what a quality solar pool heating system can do for you!

Have you ever asked your partner if they are coming for a swim, only to be told," I would but the water is freezing!" Let's be honest.....when was the last time you and your partner enjoyed a moonlight swim?

It shouldn't be that way...

That's why pool owners are now turning to Deluxe Pool Care and Heating to get their pool solar heated!

With the right solar pool heating system, you can enjoy your pool not just in summer, but in spring and autumn as well.

Let's face it...what better places could you find than Rockingham and Mandurah, Western Australia to put the sun's valuable and free resource to work for you?

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