Pool Servicing in the Rockingham and Mandurah area.

Posted on 22 July 2012Pool Care and Maintenance

Does your pool need regular cleaning and servicing by your local pool specialist?

It's correct that not everyone needs to take advantage of this service, but do you?

Most people today are so busy with work commitments and trying to get everything done in the day, they don't have time to care for their pool properly. Many people in WA have to work away eg the mining boom. Minor problems are put off until they become major issues.

Are you doing all you should to keep your family and guests safe in your pool?

In Rockingham and Mandurah Western Australia there are a lot of green pools after winter and it can be quite expensive to get your pool balanced again.

With our regular pool service and maintenance, we can take the hassle out of pool ownership - with

every clean and service, we:

  • Remove salt cell/electrode and clean
  • Vacuum pool
  • Empty and clean skimmer basket and pump basket
  • Brush seats, steps, walls and floor
  • Scoop debris from the water surface
  • Check chemical levels and balance as required
  • Back wash and rinse sand filter or back wash and recharge diatomaous earth filter or remove and hose clean cartridge filter
  • Inspect equipment and report on any problems

We can customise a service to fit in with your budget and needs. Whether it be just come in and check everything is going okay, while you're away (holidays or work) or come in and balance the water once a month. Give Steve a call now on 0417 952 484 and see how we can help you with your pool.

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