Pool Covers & Rollers Rockingham and Mandurah

We supply and install Daisy Pool blankets and rollers in the Rockingham and Mandurah area. Daisy have been making pool covers and rollers in WA for years, they are the biggest manufacturer of blankets and rollers in Australia. We have been using their products since 1999- their products and service have been fantastic.

The difference the right pool banket and roller can make to your pool is unbelievable- saving you time, money and most of all, a lot of water....

Save more of the Sun's warmth

A Daisy pool cover will warm your pool water by up to 8 degrees Celcius.
Free solar energy passes through the special transparent cover material to heat the poolwater.It works like a garden greenhouse.
More warmth in - less heat out.
The lighter colour Ultradome Daisy cover allows more heat in but stops heat escaping.

Save on water loss

A Daisy cover can save up to 10,000 litres per month and water saving is more important than ever.
In fact the average size pool can lose one and a half times the total volume. So a 50,000 Litre pool can lose 75,000 litres of water through the swimming season.
Installing a Daisy pool cover means you don't need to run the hose for about 20 minutes every single day through summer.
Pool owners with a Daisy are amazed at the water savings.

Save on Heat Loss

No matter how you heat your pool water, a Daisy pool cover will help keep the warmth right where you want it - in the pool water.
The unique Daisy solar blanket acts as a barrier between the colder air and the warmer pool water.
Acting as an insulator the cover stopsthe natural processof hot and cold attreacting each other commonly known as convection.
Just because you havean indoor pool you still need a pool cover.
There is a Daisy cover ideal for a indoor heated pool.
A Daisy S8 Silver backed (SB) Keeps condensation in the poolrather letting miosture seep into the building material causing structural damage.

Save on cleaning time

A Daisy pool cover will help keep out dirt and leaves.
There will be far less dirt in your pool and most unwanted debris will blow away.What doesn't blow away will gather in one area to be scooped upo and removed.Carefully hosing off as you roll the cover up is a good method of cleaning.During long periods of non-use you may consider the Daisy WinterKleen leaf cover and storing your Daisy Cover away from the damaging effectsof cemical exposure over the winter months.

Save on Chemicals

A Daisy Pool Cover cuts salt and chemical use by up to 50%. Amajor cost of maintenance.No matter what form chlorine is added to the water it eventually returns to it's natural state as a gas and escapes into the atmosphere.
With a cover in use thge gas is trapped and stays in the water longer.However as the gas accumulates and concentrates on thge warmer surface.These extreme conditions increas blanket degredation.

The Daisy cover with UltraDome technology is designed to withstand these extreme conditions-chemical concentrations that distroy other blankets.

Save on time

A daisy pool cover can be easily rolled on and off in 30 seconds.
A Daisy roller system is an intricate componant to total benefits that come with installing a Daisy.You save on time using the cover but adding years to the cover by using it properly.
False Economy.
It's important that you don't exclude a roller tto creat a discount..
Your pool cover won't function proply without a roller.

Save on Evaporation

A Daisy pool cover is a physical barrier to evaporation. It covers the pool like a lid on a jar.
Although not totaly bairtight a cover retards the elementsthat cause evaporation.
A correctly fitted cover can effectivly prevent 97% natual evaporation.Water surface area, water temperature, air temperature,air pressure,air density,wind speed and humiidity-among others-all affect

Save on a Longer lasting Cover

A Daisy Pool Cover lasts longer because it is aussie touggh to withstand the weather and harsh cauldron
of a heated chemical enviroment.This strength is built upon the ability of the UltraDome bubble,made of extra strong polyethylene (PE) to survive.
Unlike other covers 2/3rds of the material used goes into the bubbleor bottom side of the cover most in touch with the chemically treated water.Furthermore the thickness of the bubble material is even with no weak points that can be exploted to reduce the life of the cover.

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