Pool Equipment Rockingham & Mandurah

We supply and install all quality brands of pool equipment in the Rockingham and Mandurah area,

whether it be pumps, filters, chlorinators, Chemigems, pool cleaners and lights. Any equipment

purchased through us is installed free of charge.

If that's not reason enough to call us, we even do interest free payment plans through Certegy

Ezi-pay, giving you the opportunity to have your new pump and filter today and pay for it over the

next 12 months interest free.

How does it work ?

Let's use the new Viron P300 8 star energy rated pool pump as an

example, which can save you up to $700 a year on electricity bills.

RRP $1188 You need to pay a deposite of 25% so that is $297

Then you just have 26 fortnightly interest- free payments of about

$40 and Bob's your aunt or uncle! (Conditions apply).

What's really great about this is that, over that time, you will be

saving up to $700 on your power bill. It really is a no brainer... if you're due for a new pump,

call 0417 952 484 now and speak to Steve about the P300 pool pump.

If you have a pool equipment problem and don't

know what to do about it, or need to upgrade

some pool equipment and don't know the best

make or model that will suit your pool.

There's constantly new pool equipment coming on

to the market every week, to make looking after

your pool easier. Some work great, others not so


If you need any advise call steve on 0417 952 484.

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